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Dear Runner,

Thank you for registering for Pune Half Marathon, to be held on Dec 9, 2018. We have curated a training program specifically for you. This training program is brought to you in partnership with The Run Smart Project. The Run Smart Project was founded by Dr Jack Daniels, two-time Olympic medallist and world-renowned exercise scientist. Named “The World’s Best Running Coach” by Runner’s World, he is world-famous for writing Daniels’ Running Formula, a 1998 book outlining his unique training philosophies.

We have decided to provide you a free training program that comes with every registration of a Half Marathon or of a 10KM race. The training programs are designed on the basis of your VO2* max and delivered through VDOT02 app.

*VO2 max is the measurement of maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilize during intense exercise. It is a common measurement used to establish the aerobic endurance of an athlete prior to or during the course of training.

Programmes: Free customised training plan for 10K Run

Option 1: Please select this option if you are a new runner or have been running up to 20KMS per week:

Option 2: Please select this option if you are an experienced runner and have been running 20KMS a week or more:

Paid Plan links:

10K – 12 Weeks:

10K – 10 Weeks:


Please enter the unique code, take the free VDOT Test and enter the code for your customised plan.

1. Individual Coaching modules are paid modules at a preferred cost for you as a participant of the Pune Half Marathon. These are designed by legendary coach Dr Jack Daniels and other Run SMART coaches. These plans are tailored specifically for you, designed to help you reach your goals and stay healthy. You work one-on-one with a Run SMART coach and receive custom workouts uploaded to your online training calendar. All workouts are customised based on your training history and current fitness.

You will need to set up your calendar in order to gain access to your workouts and can update paces in the future. The app records and organises your PRs, recent and future race results.

How it Works?

  • Purchase free or paid subscription
  • Submit running profile
  • Get matched with a Run SMART Coach who will work with you in case of individual/customized training programs. In case of free coaching, you will receive your training program on your app
  • Setup your VDOT O2 training calendar account on the app


You can use the discount codes for individual coaching. The free codes can be used only once. If you use the code you cannot claim a refund as cancellation of your application for the PHM.